Sunday, January 30, 2011

Outfit #6

This sundress is outfit #6. 
 Here's the before...
 and here's the after.....
 Did you spot the difference?
Well, that's probably because outfit #6 was upcycled without a cut or a stitch.
I had plans to turn my old top into a top for one of the girls.
But, Miss 6 insisted on wearing it to the shops as a dress. 
Today's upcycle was my easiest yet.
 Someone left a comment the other day asking... Are you going to upcycle clothes for Master 9?
Master 9 has asked me to make him something... so, yes, I will make Master 9 something. 
I need to go through Orsen's wardrobe and sort out some old clothes.
I also got several comments about the girls hair clips.
I'm putting together a quick tutorial :)
 Miss 8's new pretty!
 Miss 8 and her dog Lulu...
This afternoon I took some photos of Miss 8 in outfit #7... it just might be my new favourite outfit.
Hope you've had a good weekend. 
Love Nikki xx


Amanda said...

Adorable... as always! =) I absolutely love your blog!!!

banban said...

These outfits are amazing!!!! You girls will be loving a whole new wardrobe before long.

bichonpawz said...

I just scrolled through a whole bunch of posts! Your kids and all of the outfits you have made are absolutely adorable!!! As is that super cute little white puppy!! I love coming over here Nikki....always makes me smile!!

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