Monday, January 31, 2011

Outfit #7

This brown tunic is outfit #7.
 This was one of my favourite top last year...
but it's got a few oil stains down the side so I stopped wearing it.
 I cut it down to fit Miss 8 and sewed it back together.
Then I hand sewed the open area on the neckline.
 Looks great with leggings....
 The hair clip....
The hair clip is made from the excess material from the top and from the some lace scraps from Miss 8's wedding dress.
Wedding dress?
Last year Miss 8's class did a little play and she had to wear a wedding dress.
I went to an op shop looking for an old wedding dress but they cost too much. 
So I found a lace cafe curtain for $6. All I had to do was thread some elastic and make a veil... took less than 10 minutes.  She wore one of my strapless tops and wore the lace curtain over the top of her no sew tutu..... Miss 8 looked beautiful.

The next two photos were taken last year on the day of her school play.....
Anyway,  I cut some of the lace, folded it etc and sewed on three pearl buttons.
If you have been inspired to go through your wardrobe and start making clothes for your children.... please email me some before and after photos (if you don't have a blog), or send me your link to your blog.  I'm going to start featuring you clever ladies... so start creating!
Love Nikki xx

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Outfit #6

This sundress is outfit #6. 
 Here's the before...
 and here's the after.....
 Did you spot the difference?
Well, that's probably because outfit #6 was upcycled without a cut or a stitch.
I had plans to turn my old top into a top for one of the girls.
But, Miss 6 insisted on wearing it to the shops as a dress. 
Today's upcycle was my easiest yet.
 Someone left a comment the other day asking... Are you going to upcycle clothes for Master 9?
Master 9 has asked me to make him something... so, yes, I will make Master 9 something. 
I need to go through Orsen's wardrobe and sort out some old clothes.
I also got several comments about the girls hair clips.
I'm putting together a quick tutorial :)
 Miss 8's new pretty!
 Miss 8 and her dog Lulu...
This afternoon I took some photos of Miss 8 in outfit #7... it just might be my new favourite outfit.
Hope you've had a good weekend. 
Love Nikki xx

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Outfit #5

 Today, I made Miss 8 a summer top from this long shirt.
 I cut down the sides of the top and was left with three panels... the two front panels and the back.
 I used the two front panels with the buttons, to make the back.
 Do you like the top?
I love it! 
It's my favourite outfit so far.
 I also made a flower clip with the left over material.
I covered a button so it all matched... very cute.
Thank you everyone who's left such lovely comments :)
I got a few emails saying that people were having problems leaving comments.  I've opened the comments so you can post even if you don't have a google account.
Thank you to Jane from Washington and Linda from California... your emails made my day.
Love Nikki xx

Friday, January 28, 2011

Outfit #4

This denim dress is outfit #4. 
{Note to self... I should've ironed the dress before taking photos.}
 The dress is made from one of my old denim skirts. 
The denim material is soft and stretchy. I'm not sure what the material is, as I cut off the tag and now I can't find it.
Miss 6, modeling the skirt before turning it into a dress.
 I trimmed away some of the width and used the excess material to make some straps.
 I removed the two silver buttons and replaced them with these two peppermint green ones.
 Miss 6 loves it!
 We matched it up with a pumpkin patch cardigan.
 As all pumpkin patch shoppers know... pumpkin patch clothes come with a spare button on the label. 
 We have two of these cardigans, so I sewed the two spare buttons onto the dress.
 Friday evening.... woohoo!  Bring on the weekend :D
Love Nikki xx

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outfit #3

Today, I worked a 9 hour shift theatre shift, which didn't leave long to upcycle an outfit.
So I chose one of my old skirts, which was quick and easy.
The skirt and hair tie took about 20 minutes to make.
 The skirt length was ok, so I just trimmed off some of the width and sewed it back together.
 I made a flower hair clip from the excess material.
 Pretty cute!
 Miss 8 loves it! 
Love Nikki xx

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Handbag for outfit #2

Thankyou for visiting my new blog... 400 in one day, WOW!
I'll try to update my blog daily.... but I'm not making any promises :)

Time to introduce my other daughter Miss 6.
This morning I made a handbag to match outfit #2.
I had a blonde moment this afternoon and erased the before photo of the denim shorts I used... but I have included a photo at the end of what the shorts look like now.
Denim handbag, lined with the material from the dress and a matching flower. 
and a cute little coin purse....
One last look at the handbag....
and here's what's left of the denim shorts....
Today we celebrated AUSTRALIA DAY.
Happy Australia day everyone!
Miss 8 applied her own tattoo... it's upside down :D
Love Nikki xx
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