Wednesday, April 13, 2011

'You've been featured'..... #3

Today, I'm featuring Karima from Karimas crafts
Karima loves to craft and is very talented.... stop by her blog and say hi :) 

After seeing some of Karima's repurposed outfits I offered to do a feature post.  Karima wrote....
Thank you for offering to show one of my posts, you are the first to ask, so I am quite excited!  I would like it if you could show the post about the orange dress I made for my daughter. This is the link: 

I really do love your blog, I love altering clothes and it is nice to see someone else do it. I believe my family think I am a bit crazy doing it!

 Here's how Karima turned a ladies strapless top into a girls summer dress....
Step 1: I measured my daughter's chest, then took in the side hem of the top accordingly, to make it slimmer. (I kept the scraps to make the bracelet).

Step 2: I cut of part of the long bottom frill. (I just cut this by freehand to make it unique.)

Step 3: Using half of the cut of bottom frill I then made two long straps.

Step 4: I added elastic into the long straps, to make them look ruffled and sewed them to the top of the top (now making it a dress!).

Step 5: I added some belt hoops with some of the spare material. (I sewed these into the side hems, by unpicking a small gap, placing them inside, and then sewing over the gap and the belt hoops)

Step 6: With the remaining half of the frill, I managed to make a belt for the dress.

Step 7: With part of the top frill (which I had removed to make the dress slimmer) I made a stretchy arm bracelet.

Well done Karima... looks beautiful!
If you would like to be featured please email

After three big days at work, I'm looking forward to having the day off tomorrow.
Hopefully it's a beautiful sunny day, so I can go for a walk here...
 Here's a few more photos from Sunday....
Love Nikki xx


Karima said...

A Great Big Thank You to you. I Love how you have shown my post. I am so pleased with it. I would love to return the favour, as I think your work is brilliant! Karima from

Julie Harward said...

That is cute and such a good idea here. Love that beach scene, I want to go there! ;D

Karima said...

Hi, as another thank you for your post today, I have given you a mention on my other blog today. See at

I hope to hear from you soon about me returning the favour and doing a feature about your blog!


Hannah said...

cute! I love your daughters heart sunglasses! I had a pair (hence the name of my blog) then they got stolen :(

Renee said...

Hi Nikki!

Thanks for the heads up re the Retro Mummy giveaway...tbh I don't even remember entering it, but looking at the prize I would definitely would have been interested in entering. Fingers crossed that I get the lucky email through ;)

Was so sad (and scared! for you and your kids!!) to hear about your other blog. Some people out there are just hideous....and hearing that it has happened to someone I "know" is making me re-think the content/privacy on my blog.

Loving your tutorial - more on how you do your great stuff would be much appreciated :D


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