Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal wedding....

Here's how we celebrated the Royal wedding.... a little high tea...
 We had sandwiches. porfiteroles, royal biscuits, strawberries, marshmallows and Darrell Lee chocolates.
 Ding, ding, ding... it's time for the tea party to begin.
 Cheers {don't worry, it's non alcoholic appletise}
 Smile :D
I loved watching the Royal wedding.
 Congratulations Will and Kate! 
Kate looked beautiful, but, I'm not a huge fan of her dress.  Her sisters dress was stunning.
The kids fell asleep and Orsen's spent the night in the office on the computer.

Did you watch the wedding?

Love Nikki xx

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You've been featured #4... Hair clips....

Cherie's been making these beautiful hair accessories...

Leah and Sarah have been making these beautiful clips.....

Janine made Miss H this beautiful clip...

Thanks everyone who emailed me photos.

I've also had a few emails about the towels and hair towels. 
I didn't end up making the towels for Easter... I just ran out of time.
I have four days off this weekend, so I'll put together a tutorial over the weekend.

Love Nikki xx

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

End of Easter, back to school party...

Today we had a little tea party to celebrate the end of Easter and back to school.
We invited some friends but they couldn't make it, so we had a party with ourselves :)
 Easter crackers...
 Easter jokes...
I go back to work tomorrow and the kids go back to school.
We had the best weekend... beach, chocolate, friends and family :)

Love Nikki xx

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Hunt 2011...

On Easter Sunday, Orsen took the kids fishing, while I set up the Easter hunt.
When they came home they found their Easter baskets at the front door, with a note and a chewed up carrot.  There was ten clues which lead them to ten presents.
 The final clue was 'nesting'... Miss 6 screamed 'my nest' {from the Easter photo shoot}... she was correct.  While we were Easter hunting down the back, Orsen was busy placing the Easter eggs in her nest.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.
How did you celebrate Easter?
After our Easter hunt, we had lunch at my sister-in-laws.  The food was amazing... it felt like Christmas!
The kids had a swim with the cousins.  Another Easter egg hunt.  Then spent the night making up dances and put on a concert for the adults.  The night came to an end when Master 9 vomited :(

Today is ANZAC Day.
This is my mum's father, my Poppy Locke.
My 93 year old poppy fought in the second world war near Italy and was captured as a P.O.W and then he escaped and hid with an Italian family.  There's been a book written about him... Fighting with the enemy New Zealand P.O.W's and the Italian resistance, by Susan Jacobs.
Poppy and my brother Scott at the Dawn service parade, Whangarei, NZ. 25th April 2011.
 These two photos were stollen {borrowed} from my brother's facebook page.
ANZAC Day... Lest we forget.
Love Nikki xx
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