Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Bunny Hair clips....

It's Easter craft time!
Easter Bunny hair clips... your little {or big} girl will love them.
 Step 1 -  Cut four felt ears.
Step 2 - Cut two 'inner ear' shapes from contrasting material and sew onto two of the white felt ears.
Step 3 - Place the two 'right' sides together and sew around the outside of the ears.
 I got carried away making the bunny ears and forgot to take a photo of each step.

 Step 4 -  Invert back to the right side.  Fold the ends forward and stitch {helps give the ears a nice shape}.
Step 5 - Make a bow out of matching ribbon and sew on a flower.
Step 6 - Hot glue and hand stitch onto a snap hair clip.
 They are so cute!  Miss 6 loves them.


Karima said...

These look so cute! Please pop over to my blog to see a wonderful 15 minute bandana tutorial!
Thanks for letting me feature your post, Karima from

Cherie said...

Those are too cute!
I did some of those years ago for my girls when they wanted cat costumes.

My Mummy Daze said...

I love this idea! I'm not sure how long my Miss E would keep them in for though! May not be worth the time I'd put into making them!

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