Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another flower clip....

Sunday night already?  Where did the weekend go????

I had a spare half an hour this arvo, so I whipped up this grey flower clip.
 I made the flower from my old shirt.  The material is horrible! 
When I'd wear the shirt, it would become static and stick to my skin.... but it makes cute flower clips.
Here's what was left after I finished the flower...
Check out my Silk flower tutorial to see how to make the petals.
To make this flower...
I cut about 15 circles the same size and 4 slightly smaller ones for the center.
Then melted the edges above a candle.
I stitched 6 petals, fanned out to make the first layer.
Then kept adding petals to fill in the gaps, stitch in place.
The slightly smaller ones were added last {helps hid any messy hand sewing ;) }.
Then I sewed on three pearl buttons and glued on an alligator clip.
It makes it look like a real flower... I love it!
What do you think?
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Love Nikki xx


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

So cute and I forgot I had a package coming. Have a great week, Nikki.

Cherie said...

beautiful! great upcycle.

Simoney said...

Oh my gosh.
You are super clever - yet you make it sound so easy.
Plus your model is truly beautiful.
PS I'll BET you;d hate having to get you-know-what out of that gorgeous hair!!

Helena said...

I love the first photo... STUNNING!

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