Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You've been featured # 6

Thanks for all your emails for the 'You've been featured' post.
I started writing it last night, but fell asleep... I was so tired after my 12 hour shift.

Beth made this beautiful handbag..... I love it!

I did a remake project recently.  A friend game me a skirt from a high end store.  It was brand new, but too wild and small for me.  It just looked like it would make the perfect preppy purse.  I've included before and after pics for you to see.  I did have fun making the accessories.  Thought you might like to see it.
New York
 Beth also made these matching accessories...
 Remember the Bandana dress tutorial?
Letia used the idea to make these beautiful dresses for Miss L and Miss E.
These dresses were completely inspired by your Bandana Dress design.  I didn’t have any bandanas but I did manage to get some scrap material from Spotlight in the throwout bin for $1.80 – BARGAIN!  I followed your instructions and added a couple of covered buttons and bows with the left over ribbon and wallah!  We used them at Easter time for Miss L and Miss E.  They looked adorable and the dresses were amazingly simple to make.  I am sure I will make many more in summer.  I also made some of your famous hair clips with the left over fabric.

Thanks again for your inspiring blog – before reading it I can honestly say I had NEVER considered making clothes for my kids and now I see even old throwout clothes in a whole new light.
Gold Coast
 Renate made this little car carry case...
From left over scraps and bit and pieces, I made this car caddy for one of Jesse's little friends. The wee cars sit in the pockets, and they can drive on the road with a round-about on the end. The whole caddy folds up and does up with some snaps. 
Whangarei, NZ
I love this idea!  I've seen them made for crayons and books etc... but cars and a road.... love it!
  I have a few nephews who would love one of these ;)
 Janine made this to organise her daughter's hair accessories...
 and her earrings....
Finally, I got a email from Kristyn,
Hi Nikki,
I've pasted the link of my first ever sewing project! I'm still trying to get the courage to try and upcycle some of my clothes given I have no background in sewing. I'm just taking ideas from your site :) Let me know what you think.
To see Kristyn's post go here scrap buster pillows.
Kristyn, this is amazing!  Can't wait to see some more of your projects.

Thanks girls for sharing your projects. 
If you'd like to be featured please email me at mummysdress@hotmail.com.

Love Nikki xx

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MummyK said...

Yay! I've been featured! Thank you so much! It is my first ever project and I am excited to do the next one! Thanks N!

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