Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sparkle disco...

Well, I've been missing in action this week :(
Work gets in the way of blogging.... sometimes I wish I didn't have to work.
But, since my husbands accident last December I've had to increase my days.
I miss my lazy days at home, pottering around doing the housework, crafting, blogging, doing DIY projects around the house  and having coffee with the girls.
I love my job, but don't like leaving home at 6.20 am and getting home at 7pm... four days a week!
Ok, that's enough of my pity party ;)

Moving right along....
Tonight the kids went to a disco at their dancing school.
The theme was sparkle.
 Miss 6 ready for the sparkle disco...
I got Miss 8's sparkle top at an op shop for 50 cents... bargain!
It was a small adult top which I resized to fit.
The silver and black leggings are from Cotton On kids.  They were actually tights that were too small {they were in the wrong packet}, so I cut off the foot of the tight to make leggings.
 The silver sparkle shoes are also from Cotton On kids....
I had a little giggle when Miss 6's little schoool/dance friends ran up to greet her.
They screamed 'E*** you cleaned your room'.... I'd been threatening that they couldn't go if they didn't clean their room :)
I stayed and watched the kids dance... they had a great time.

Happy weekend :)

Love Nikki xx


Rach said...

you did a great job of their disco gear - very creative & much impressed considering the day job commitment too!

Julie Harward said...

Very cute..and I can see them growing up right before my eyes! :D

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