Friday, May 6, 2011

Gloria's dresses for Africa....

Hi there, Our Internet is being stupid and I dropped my phone in the sea on Monday... so I've had a week without facebook, phone and Internet... just about killed me!  How did we survive without these things?

Anyway, I wanted to share a email and photos I received recently from a reader in America....

Hi Nikki,
I've attached a photo of the 22 dresses I made for little girls in Africa. There is an organization called "Little Dresses for Little Girls" that arranges to get the donated dresses to the girls in Africa. I found it on the Internet.
I made headbands like your flower clips to go with the dresses.  Thanks for the inspiration.
Gloria in Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Here's the website..... Little dresses for Africa
To date they have received dresses and donations from all 50 states across the USA and received well over 175,000 little dresses that have been distributed in 24 countries of Africa!  
None from Australia?  Who's keen for a little sewing project?
I'm going to send some dresses in July and thought I'd see if anyone else wants to sew a few to send with mine.  I'd like to send around 50 dresses in total.

I'll put together a tutorial of simple dresses to make... like the pillow case dress. 
If you'd like to join me making a few dresses for Africa please email me at

Thanks for sharing the link Gloria.

Gloria also made some flowers to go with the dresses for Africa.
 I'll finish with this photo of Gloria's Easter tree.
The other you've been featured post will be next Monday... sorry for the delay.

Love Nikki xx


Janette@the2Seasons said...

I think you would enjoy the book, The Blue Sweater. It involves the journey a girl's donated blue sweater took, and it details her life as an advocate for the women of third world countries.

LKP said...

hey nikki! sorry about your phone & internet. thanks for posting this. i've been scratching my head in great need for a good humanitarian project for our ladies at church in june. this totally fits the bill! can't wait for the tutorial, i'll take that to our ladies too, so we can crank out some dresses in a couple hours. luv u! ::hugs::

Helena said...

What a wonderful idea... I can't sew, but I might see if my mum can sew a couple of dresses. I'll wait for your tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Like what you are doing and it has inspired me, I own a Tailoring workshop I could use my cut offs to make some beautiful products also. My email is

LKP said...

did i miss the pillowcase dress tutorial? :(

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