Tuesday, February 8, 2011

'You've been featured'..... #1

I've had a few emails from people sending me photos of their upcycled childrens clothing.
For the first 'I've been featured' post, I've choosen one of my friends Julie-Ann.
Julie-Ann's first outfit is a blue flower skirt.  Julie-Ann was given the skirt but never wore it because she couldn't find anything she liked to go with it.
 Julie-Ann down sized it to fit Miss H.  
 Julie-Ann also made a little bag to match as well as making a felt blue and white flower clip.


 Miss H looks beautiful!
Matching handbag.... I love matching handbags!
Julie-Ann's second outfit is a wrap skirt she bought a couple of years ago at a market.
Julie-Ann wrote....
Unfortunately cause it was a wrap skirt (and the fact with wrap skirts you seem to wrap and wrap and wrap around your body but it still never sits tightly enough) it drove me crazy the one time I wore it, that it then stayed in my cupboard until now. I couldn't bring myself to throw it out cause I loved the fabric piece on the front, so I decided to recycle this one too. I unpicked all the panels and basically re-created a normal skirt using the pink fabric & the black pin strip denim. I then sewed on the pink circle fabric on the front. Cause of it's thick material it would work really well in winter with knee high boots (you will have to excuse the no stockings in the photo's I took of Holli in it, it was a warm day this arvo and I couldn't be bothered putting her in stockings to take a few photo's. I also made a matching headband going by the designs that you use in your girls clips (which I also love).
Miss H before....
 Miss H after.  I love this outfit!

Well done Julie-Ann... keep them coming!

If you've upcycled any clothes lately... send me a few photos.

Tomorrow morning, I'm flying to New Zealand... I can't wait!
Will post a few photos...

Love Nikki xx

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bichonpawz said...

What a cute idea! The outfits really are very cute!

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