Monday, February 21, 2011

Mummy's dress.... Inspiring creativity ;)

Today, Miss 8 got bitten by a spider on her big toe :(  
 She's ok {it wasn't a red back}, but we spent the afternoon at the doctors.... so, no new photos to share.

 I thought I'd share these photos of Miss 6.
 I was sitting on the couch early one morning, when Miss 6 came downstairs wearing this.....
 She was so proud of her creation... I had to take a few photos.
  I recently received an email from Beth.... Hi Beth :D
Who asked several questions.  So I'll quickly answer them here...
Are you a professional photographer?  No, I'm a registered nurse who does a bit of photography on the side.  I went to New Zealand to photograph my cousins wedding... I might add some here when she gets back from her honeymoon.
How do you light the shots?  I prefer to use natural light.  I do my before shots in 'Mummy's corner' against my white {now grey :(  } wall and white furniture.  It has awesome lighting all day. 
I do most of the location shots around our property.  We live on 10 acres so we have lots of great backdrops for photos. 
 I {almost} always shoot the photos late in the afternoon at around 5.30pm.... about an hour before sunset.
Do you take pictures at your house?  Yes, see above.  Thanks for the compliment :D
 Beth also said the kids are beautiful and they should model.  So, I thought I'd do my proud mummy thing and add this photo of master 9.  He won a nationwide model search here in Australia. 
 He was in the Target catalogue just before Christmas.
Miss 6 gave me a good idea this evening... so, stay tuned for my {ok, Miss 6's} new idea.

Love Nikki xx


Cathryn said...

Miss 6: Good job. Very creative!

Master 9: Congratulations!

Amanda said...

Miss 6 is precious! =)

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