Saturday, February 5, 2011

Outfit #9

 First I'd like to apologise for my lack of blogging... I've worked 4 days this week, I'm also on call this weekend.  Soooo tired!
My boss is making me work for my holiday next week.
On Wednesday, I'm flying to New Zealand with Miss 6.  We're going over for my cousins wedding.
I can't wait!

Thank you for all the emails expressing concern for my safety after the cyclone that hit Queensland... the cyclone hit North Queensland and we live in South East Queensland.  We're all safe and sound.

Anyway, this grey sundress with big yellow butterflies is outfit #9.
I originally made it for Miss 8... but Miss 6 begged me to give it to her.
Here's Miss 8 modeling the sundress before...
 and after.....
 Miss 6 wants to wear it on the plane to New Zealand... so, I've made a few matching accessories. 
 I'll post them tomorrow.
I'm also trying to finish off a few outfits... and I'll take them to New Zealand.
Happy weekend to you.

Love Nikki xx


PaisleyJade said...

Loving your re-styled outfits! Have you thought of adding them here?

Anonymous said...

Linda from CA....

Let me get this right....three kids...a successful new blog AND a job???? Are you INSANE?? Haha. Glad you're okay and not involved in the storm. Welcome back!!

Leonie said...

loving all the repurposing.. they all look so fantastic. Have a great time in NZ ..we are loving being back here.

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