Friday, March 18, 2011

Grey knit Cardigan....

I haven't worn this grey cardigan for a few years,
so it's time to upcycle it.
Looks good on Miss 8... no alterations needed {even better!}.
I finished sewing a few outfits today.... they look great!
I'm off work until Tuesday so I'll be posting daily for the next few days :)
Stay tuned for photos.

I'd better go get ready... we're heading out soon.
Happy Friday...

Love Nikki xx


Julie Harward said...

You and your children really warm my heart...she is such a beauty! :D

{jane} said...

Nikki! these are all awesome. good job & thanks for sharing your darling site, it's very inspiring! i gotta get my act together with upcycling more often! hugs.

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