Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Repurposed Pumpkin Patch outfit....

Good evening :)

Today's repurposed outfit is this beautiful green and pink skirt.
This dress was one of my favourite Pumpkin Patch dresses.
 I loved it on the girls... I just love the material.
I unpicked the top of the dress... no sewing needed.
So quick and easy.
I had a lovely day off today with Orsen {my husband},
my heart is happy :)

Love Nikki xx


Anonymous said...

My daughter had that dress, I wish I hadn't given it away! Great job turning it into a skirt.
Just want to say that I LOVE your blog!

Mel Dehar said...

Love it-such a simple thing to do! Lara has so many dresses that are to short for her-don't want to alter them just yet as Paige can wear them once she is older.

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