Saturday, March 5, 2011

Purple shirt dress....

Good evening :)
It's been raining for the last 48hrs... and it's turned cold {What happened to our heatwave?}
So, today I thought I'd do an autumn outfit.

I made a purple shirt dress for Miss 6.
Mum donated this shirt.... to be upcycled for the girls.
 I resized it to fit Miss 6 and made a bow and attached it to one on my old belts.
 I made the bow from the purple and black checkered material on the inside of the shirt.
 Perfect for the cooler months ahead.
 Miss 6 splashing in the puddles.
 This weekend I'm on call for work.  Today I got called in twice {which is ok because the money is awesome on the weekend}.  This afternoon I ducked out to the shops to get a few things and on the way home a metal rod came off the back of a truck.  Struck my windscreen and then hit the roof.  There's small shards of glass all over the passenger seat {lucky I was the only one in the car}.
Scary stuff when you're driving at 110km/hr. 
Hope you're having a good weekend.
Love Nikki xx


Beth said...

I'm so glad that you're okay!

Amanda said...

Oh no! The exact thing happened to my car, except it was hit with a rock. It was on the other side of my car... which is the passenger side where I live. I hope you're okay! The dress is really cute... I can't wait to see more autumn clothes!

LKP said...

holy bananas! so glad you're alright!!!! that is very very scary. had you been driving here, you'd have been driving on THAT side of the car! ::hugs:: luv u.
btw, your mummy's dress blog won an award on my post yesterday. hop over if you'd like to read the sweetness shared about your talented space here!

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