Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Hawaiian Princess...

Miss 6,
my beautiful Hawaiian princess.
 Miss 8 modeling the before....
 I cut the dress about 10cm below the shirring elastic.
Then turned it down and sewed a band for the elastic.
Then made a big bow for one strap.
 After we took these photos, we went shopping.
Miss 6 was stopped several times and told how beautiful she looked.
Yes, her head is slightly bigger ;D

Love Nikki xx


Anonymous said...

I just love visiting this blog! Your creativeness, skill, eye for photography, scenery and absolutely naturally stunning children bring a smile to my face every, single, day!!! Thank you for all of your can't be easy as a working mother of three to find the time! Love it!!

Yorba Linda, California

Anonymous said...

Love it.... she looks gorgeous.
Great job with the dress.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog and want to tear through my closet and see what I can convert in my closet for my daughter to wear. A group of women and I from my church recent got together and made over 100 pillowcases dresses for an orphanage in Haiti. It was so much and we would like to make bandanna pants for boys next.

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